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How to Incorporate Pantone Color of the Year 'Very Peri' into Your Home Staging

Pantone's color of the year for 2022 is the Very Peri we have all been waiting for. Showing off a blend of strong blue and soft red undertones, periwinkle represents a merging of styles and ideals in society. Incorporating recent style trends into your home will bring it center stage on the market. Here are some easy ways to let Very Peri put fresh eyes on your listing.

The Right Color Will Open New Doors

An easy way to incorporate periwinkle into your design is by painting a door to create an opening statement. It's a relatively quick and painless upgrade that you can do yourself in one afternoon. This is a classic design that worked wonders as the backdrop of 'Friends' with Monica's door. Perfectly paired with a yellow frame and gold accents, this is a retro inspo for a modern update with a familiar face.

Do You Have an Accent?

When you choose neutral colors for your investment pieces like couches and beds, it is easy to keep them looking fresh with new accents throughout the year. You can spurge on a super soft blanket and feel like a queen wrapped in the royal color Very Peri.

Center pieces for your coffee table and night stands can also do the trick. The beauty of Very Peri is that it pairs very well with so many palates you may already have at home. Let it shine against whites and neutral tans. It can play with pops of yellow and gold and blend right into monochromatic blues and reds.

Plant the Idea

You can smell the freshness of style in the air by adding some lavender or other plants that play on the Very Peri color pallete. You can find many succulents in this color range which is a great choice for new plant parents who want something easy to care for and long lasting to bring life to the space. Plants will also help clean the air and make it feel like a home without getting to personal or cluttered.

Show off Your Skills

Paint is a great way to show love to a piece in your home that has been loved beyond it's years. Very Peri can be used as a statement piece in small tables, bar carts, dressers and more. Here we see it paired with silver black soft whites and minimal artwork. The beauty of this color; there is so much room to play with what you already have at home. Take a look around and see what could use a pop Very Peri. Share your designs with me on Instagram and twitter @brokerchitown.

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