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Child & Pet Friendly House Plants

Plants keep spaces bright and vibrant while cleaning the air. They give a feeling of life to a home. If you happen to have some other lively hearts at home, like a cat or dog, it's a great idea to use plants as a way to keep your space fresh. One of the most important parts of curating your plants is to chose plants that are non-toxic to animals and children.

Money Tree

Not only will a money tree bring good luck and style to your home, they are safe for the little ones as well. They are the perfect accessory to small apartment deck or entry way.

Chinese Money Plant

Are you sensing a theme? These lucky plants come harm free. Place them on desks and coffee tables. They will show off their round and beautiful leaves that looks like coins splashing in a fountain. Pair with your favorite, minimal pot to add a splash of life when staging your home for sale. Over time, the Chinese Money plant will bloom into a syphony of a green coin like garden bringing beauty and luck into your home.

The Spider Plant

Spider plants are one of the best investments you can make as a plant parent. It's long bushy strands can fill up vacan space in your home. Spider Plants love to hang from the ceiling or show off on a big table. They are constantly sprouting new life and you can fill your home with their baby plants as small accents in the bathroom and bedroom. This mama long legs is a must have for plant and pet parents alike.

House plants to be cautious with

While the ever popular rubber plant is easy to care for and safe for children and animals, it's cousin the rubber tree is toxic. Make extra sure when you are purchasing that you are getting the right product for your home. Other popular holiday plants like poinsettias are toxic to animals as well. Be sure to keep an toxic plants and spikey cactuses out of reach of your smaller family members.

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